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Learn by making steps: each step adds more features: step1 - simplest step. code is not wrapped into class. step2 - code wrapped into class step3 - subcategories can be selected independently back - a little more about linked lists //============================================================================================= // Class spawnedCats - Category tree browser. // // Allows to browse single branch of category tree, mode all_toggled=false, or // independently select any subcategory from tree, mode all_toggled=true. // // Tree data is preset inside the class. // Dependency: form and div#category_div like above must exist on page when this initialization // code is executed: spawnedCats.init(). // Apparently, there is a bug which does not expand first child select box in mode // "all_toggled=true". Should be easy to fix. //============================================================================================= // // Copyright (c) 2010 Konstantin V. Kirillov // Prototype has been used: Prototype JavaScript framework, version (c) 2005-2008 Sam Stephenson