I am Ypas Tecop.
And this is my personal web page.
I am lasy to copy-paste the game files into my web site ...

I embedded whirlio.com widget into my site. (Press Ctrl+U in FireFox to see how this done ... ) But what is interest to frame someone's game? ...
I created my own skins and would like to show them right now in the game.
But how?

I put my skins into folder "my-skin" ( which is a sibling to this page ).
( Yes, pictures must be specifically named, a little later about this ... )
I have to write a "script" to point the game-engine to my skins.
Sounds more complex than it is:
here is the script.

Now, about pictures:

my-skin/box_x.png is for box,
my-skin/hero_x.png is a hero,
target_x.png is a goal,
ground_x.png is a ground,
wall_x.png ... ,
background.png for background

If you would like keep your custom names for images, modify dress' image_decoder like it is done here at the moment of this writing. Don't forget to put double quotas around "image_decoder".