Unreported Visit

By strongly confirmed but confidential source from CIA, the current President of US, Donald Trump, visited few times Russian Empire in 1905.

The purpose of visits was a secret delivery of computer codes of Democratic Party to Russian hackers at Armory Chamber ( “Оружейная Палата” ) in Kremlin. The program of undermining of USA security has been founded by the Tzar Ivan The Terrible.

The deal has been secured by Russian gold delivered and buried in remote Alaska lands. There are no records in Mr. President 1905 year tax which proves he dug gold out illegally.

In his time, Ivan The Terrible already occupied USA territory, Alaska, but met the strong resistance of Internet servers and lack of lobby in US Government.

The first know attempt to break CIA codes by Siberian secret agent Ermak is pictured below during his famous attack of Alaska.

April 5, 2017.

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