Political schizophrenia continues: journalists lost direction.

The forgery

So far, possibly, 6+ million people watched badly forged interview. NBC News should fix it and apologize.

See authentic originals at the end of this article in “Credits”:

For example: text: http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/54688
video( removed by NBCNews ): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIH1DAE-bgY

These are details of the forgery we saw so far: some parts of it are bad some worse:

1. Removing fragments inside of an answer, a real forgery “let us recall the movement Occupy Wall Street …“

2. Interview is truncated. Less than 11 minutes comparing to 20 minutes original. Not “deadly”, but why to call this interview “full”?

3. Insertions of other clips and photos, “spy theme”. Subtle changing of context and emotional background … this is not a direct lie so is not that bad it is mainly bad because it is still in the middle of the interview

4. this is a cut of the question, this is bad “If Mr Flynn and I had this kind of interaction, while you and I, we have spent an entire day together, and Mr Flynn was fired from his job, you then should be arrested and put in jail.“ …

5. some people say, the two questions from other interviews were merged distoring the impression

6. minor glitches:
…We are ready to listen to our partners, ready to listen to appraisals and assessments when it is done in a “friendly“ manner, …

Interview forgery is not a good thing even in respect to an ordinary person … Is it good to a President of some other contry? … He is too trustful to this correspondent … but the tricks allowed in the USA news media may be not allowed in Russia … The Russian MSM already surprised by these forgeries, for example

Slams shameful censoring and modification of Putin’s answers in Kelly’s interview. At time mark 14:12. … Words about Occupy wall street are cut out …

Google apparently bans own links to original and accurate interview

June 16, 2017.
By the naked eye, fifth of 6700 comments to NBC-posted forged interview are outraged and looking up for the original one.
But apparently, if to post comment with the link to original, Google entirely blocks this comment. But if to mutate the link, the comment does appear. For example: this link is allowed:


Remove “f”s which gives
and this cannot be posted. Try yourself.

NBC has similar problems with Assad’s interview

By the way, this is interview is very similar with the other NBC News, Bill Neely, interview with Bashar al-Assad,


It is similar with the inability of American journalist, Bill Neely, to follow up the meaning of answers and repeatedly asking the same questions again and again as it feels he has an answer which he not expect and stupidly trying squeeze the “right” answer from the opponent.

“How long the war will last?”, “don’t your want to go”, or (very similar to Putin) question about “betting on USA elections outcome”. In the eyes of the journalist, the USA election is very important thing, but in the eyes of Assad and Putin this does not matter. Indeed, these elections are just a show and “decoration” for US bureaucracy. The “Americans seems obsessed” with the value of choice between of two major candidates, which makes them weak to react how this percepted in the rest of the world.

What is different, that Bashar was more careful not to let the journalist to forge the video and did recording with own services.

But, after all, this is not Kelly’s or Neely’s fault, they are possibly brainwashed as other USAins. It is hard to overcome the narratives which were embedded in our minds. I may even consider them heroes who dared to make such interviews. Imagine, if they will do a interview with sympathy to Putin or Assad, they will be labeled as “dictator’s” mouthpieces, Russian agents, and have their career ruined as Michael Flynn, and possibly Tulsy Gabbard, Steven Cohen, or others …

Youtube Comments.

Hey, you guys are so precious. Some comments feel so sincere. This page became my favorite one for these days. Thanks Kelly for beeing cause of this page, even the interview is forged. And thanks to Mr. Putin. This is not his job to participate in shows. He has a Press Secretary, Dmitriy Peskov.

A bit sad that Mr. Putin has to waste the time for discussing so childish and primitive questions made in the spirit “bad-stupid-evil-guys make these things because they bad-stupid-evil”. Apparently, this fool logic does fool not only the viewers, but journalists themselves.

Peacock culture

NBC News should fix it and apologize. Before own and Russian audience.
Otherwise, should USAians ask Russia Today to provide original version and put English titles there?
But why foreign country should be involved in fixing our mess? Will we accuse it again for meddling with our affairs?
We are already trying to involve it in our government schizophrenic squabbles about election. For 6? months
we are conducting an “investigation” where proofs change, disappear, or exposed as fake, but accusations stay the same.
We expelled 35 Russian diplomats and put sanctions out of this. Why Russia does not require an apology? Because it is impossible to deal with schizophrenic. In return at time of expelling, Russian offered Kremlin Christmas tickets for children of US diplomats.

In USA, presidents are least important persons in the government. Their main job is in election shows and other masquerades when they are elected. They “come and go”, but policies stay the same.

Both Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump are a part of this peacock culture. This is probably why Mr. Trump was so sensitive to Kelly’s critics. On the other side, Mr. Putin is immune to show style conversation. Real leader lives in real world. In peacock world only show pretexts seem valid: gay marriages, “anti-feminism”, and peacock flag.

Nothing will happen when USA president will go to very long vacations. As, for example, did George W Bush, at the beginning of his term. The truck runs too deep in the tracks. It does not matter holds Mr. President the wheel or not. All things are decided by political elite and “bureaucracy” – deep state. The inauguration into peacock happens in first month after election. Mr. Trump has been finally subdued when he betrayed his crew member, Michael Flinn. After this, he suddenly no longer object of elite attack and discouraged journalist does not understand how to drop the charges which are no longer suggested from the bosses. Most stupid of them continue and show pictures with cut head.

The 40% of USA eligible electorate “understands” irrelevancy of voting. They don’t vote. “Democracy”.

Forgeryright (F) 2017 NBCNews.com

June 18, 2017. Today, things unfold in surprising way. Instead of making an apology for the forgery, NBC News begins removing authentic versions. On copyright grounds. For example, full version “Vesti” and differential version of Inessa S.

Version “Vesti” seems an authentic domestic Russian TV copy. Was Mr. Putin so naive that did not retain the copyrights for own interview? Was this interview broadcast on Russian TV legally? Then why NBC News removes this copy from Russian youtube channel?

Perhaps because of English subtitles. Perhaps for the same reason that Oliver Stone English version cannot be broadcast in Russia? Separation of copyrights? RT version is still alive.

Is this legal to take authentic domestic Russian version, put English subtitles there, and publish on Web? Who can tell? Please, any news on a topic are welcome …

Sorry and congratulations, dear American friends, you have a new law: Forgeryright protection.

As said in this interview … “You know, you’re just very resourceful people there, well done, probably your lives there are boring”


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