MH17 crash is still a puzzle

Sep. 28, 2014.

This is just a draft.
I just begin learning about the case.
Correct me if i am wrong.

The part of the puzzle is that efforts of all investigators are too sparse and not coherent.

1. Examination of audio and video “evidence” submitted to mass media does not have details or
is hard-to find in a volume of Internet posts.

If Russian criminal investigators, Nikolai Popov (?), made spectral analysis of “audio interception”, the details should be
published. Briefing is not enough. It stems a lot of pro and contra speculations.

Ordinary user is lost.

There is a lot of public investigation is going on BUK-video in “Krasnoarmeisk-Kramatorsk-Tores-Snejznoe”.
If spectral analyzis has been used to extract the sign “st. Dnepropetrovskya, 34”, it should be posted.
It is not possible to see it by naked eye.

The postboard itself should be identified, photographed, and posted.

It is important to translate important findings from Russian.

2. Behavior analysis.

It is important to reveal motives and give clue in which direction to conduct
the real facts investigation.

It’s not a replacement for proof, but 100% accurate finger-point who is lying.

And it is very simple to accomplish.
All people need is just to collect (mass-)media posts regularly in a database and cross match them.
Otherwise, the data is going to be forgotten, lost, manipulated, or erased.

3. Community must demand full release a data from FDR and CVR.

Non-availability of them is a behaviour-clue of conspiracy.

4. Community must demand full release of data of US military-satellite records and Ukrainian records.
After all, there is a “Freedom of information act” in US.

It is hard to expect this demand will go from US-citizens. They used to be indifferent to “Lies-in-their-face”
during Iraq-WMD government lies. And after all, they seem to be busy to survive they
daily work hardship, who can blame people for this …

If “Dutch investigation commission” did not use satellite and radar-activity interception data provided from Russia,
the commission must publish forensic, spectral, or other scientific proof that these data is a fake.

The commission has broken logic. It assumes if the “damage” is caused by “shrapnel-like” explosion outside of the
vessel, this excludes jet’s attack. This silently excludes a logical possibility of double attack.
What caused the commission to “forget” about logic?

Nothing is said about mysterious U-turn detected ? by global ? radar system and by Russian ? radar system.
If something did stop FDR and CVR at 13.20.03, why this did not stop the vessel for few more minutes?
It is possible to take control this vessel model from ground station; is this possible to stop recorders from
ground station?

Without all above, the effect of “Dutch commission” was mere delaying of investigation and loosing precious time.

Some samples to read before start:

Some of following posts seem prominent and well balanced.
They do not treat public as idiots and leave space for own conclusions.


This contradicts to Russian version, but not much in depth:

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