Man with lack of thought is dangerous

Please correct me where I am wrong.

Emmanuel Macron either is brainwashed or not smart when thinking on kinder-garden level about Syria. It is not in Syrian regime interest to make chemical attacks. Thinking this way is thinking in level of bad-guys which act just because they are stupid and bad. This mentality multiplied on natural desire to show own strength and “independence” at the start of presidency is dangerous for the country. Congratulations for the choice, the French people. The accent “…France would respond immediately to any use of chemical weapons…” is one of the first signs of this.

He is as dangerous as Trump who already started a war with Syria when launched missile attack based on unproved accusations. Macron seems able to drag own country into the war too. Which would add normal Syrian citizens to the list of non-France-sympathizers. Is it not enough of ongoing terror attacks in the country? Congrats for the choice.


Macron warns over Syrian chemical weapons in frank meeting with Putin
…“A very clear red line exists on our side – that is the use of chemical weapons by whomever,” Macron said at a joint news conference after his first meeting with the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin. …

Here is French assessment of chem. attack. Possibly done in style of “Iraq WMD 2003”.
I am not sure does it worth analysis and time, but perhaps someone already analyzed. If one knows, please give a link. For the save of those who still believe in “bad-guys”.

“Based on this overall evaluation and on reliable and consistent intelligence collected by our services, France assesses that the Syrian armed forces and security services perpetrated a chemical attack using sarin against civilians,” the report says.

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