I am living here

We found this movie here
Published on Aug 20, 2014


-Apparent Junta fighters question imprisoned Donbass rebels.
-If you find inaccuracy in our close capturing of this interrogation, please let us know.
-We did not use special software for recognition, did the job by naked ears.

-Interrogators ask how much rebels are being paid …

0.20 -Downed-to-the-ground-prisoner is being asked:
0.20 Interrogator: Speak up.
0.22 Interrogator: Don’t you have family?
Prisoner: … I did not understand …

0.26: Interrogator:
Does a family exist? exist?
Why the f. came you here?

-Prisoner tries to say something but not clear.
Interrogator: Whom you are f…ing here?

0.28: Prisoner: I am living here …
-But interrogator seems too preoccupied with own agenda and does not
-pay to attention to prisoner’s words …

0.29 Interrogator: Why the f. you are f…ing here?
Whom are you f…ing here? Ukranians f. ?
Prisoner: I am f…ing you.

0.32 Interrogator: Bitch. Now, f., landing to you, f. end to you.
It’s time to pray for you, crud.

– I did not see the proof these people are paratroopers.
By the way, this prisoner has grey hair, and it is unlikely Russia recruits olderly people in regular service anyway.
Relatives, if any, can easily recognize him and tell who is he.

Nasty video made by junta fighters speaks against
them more than any pro-Russian propaganda.

This movie disappeared from Youtube now, on October, 2016. What is this? Censorship?
Someone caught in liing?
What are the name of these people and their fate?

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