Child-like logic of BBC article “Russia ‘will react’ to EU sanctions” By Steve Rosenberg BBC News, Moscow

This is our comment on the article in BBC

Russia ‘will react’ to EU sanctions
By Steve Rosenberg BBC News, Moscow

This is just a brief thoughts. Correct us if we wrong.


“NATO maintains that the alliance’s eastward enlargement in Europe has helped spread freedom, peace and stability across Europe.”

Democracy is not made by military advance of one country to another. In contrary, democracy is created by example of democratic country. Democracy creates by ethical and cultural development of country itself.

Moreover, military advance of “democratic” country to “non-democratic” damages democracy.

North Vietnam took their constitution from “American Independence Declaration” [1], but USA responded with bombs, which delayed democracy on region shifted it to more communist-like regime.

USA orchestrated Iranian coup in 1953 [2] which lead to cancellation of democracy. Continuous support military and economic actions against Iran since collapsing Shah’s regime, by US makes Iran people suspicious about purpose of democracy and damages democracy in Iran.

Liberating Germany from fascism in 1945, commonly, credited as helping to make Germany democratic does not count. It was war against aggressor, so it was morally justified in eyes of Germans. So, it is a shame of own actions did help to restore democracy.

And by the way, Germany knew about democracy non-less than, say USA and had established democratic institutions ( as Welfare ) before USA had it. And democracy does not prevent fascism and racism. Democratic country can elect fascist leader. Democracy is just a freedom, freedom for choice of good and bad.

The quality of democracy based on ethical and cultural development of the country.

Another example of “promoting” democracy is US occupation of Iraq in 2003 [3].
Civil wars since that still last till 2014.

2. Another child-like motive in the article that “Putin is paranoid” or no one can “explain him that NATO is for own his good”. This assumes that one man makes politics.
Child like approach. This is not about Putin, this is about Donbass residence who oppose NATO. Speak up with victims of shelling in Donetsk, whom they blame to. Some of them think that NATO and Europe is a cause. Look at the videos from bombing scenes. Look at the interviews. There are plenty of them in Are you blind?

Author apparently unable to see that peace and stability reached Europe after collapse of SU, is because SU just stopped the cold war voluntary, voluntary did not object for the freedom of former republics. This was just because the maturity of public mind in SU. So, NATO should be dissolved at this time.

NATO seems paranoid. And driven by US interests. Prosperity interests have nothing in common with justice or morality. They are simply about different things. Not a surprise that behavior of US politics is behavior of a thief coming to other country.

This is how US is viewed by rebels or ordinary Russians. This is not a matter of single man, politician, Vladimir Putin, or historical Kremlin motive as a “fortress”.

I was attracted to US democracy and freedom in 1994. But now as a tax payer and resident of US, i am directly responsible for fascist politic of this country. Quite sad.

[1]. Martin Luther King, Jr.



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