Forgery details are here Look at the article: Political schizophrenia continues: journalists lost direction.

Authentic Originals:

    Unedited Putin's Interview by Megyn Kelly. Original 20 min Full Version #putinkellyfullversion
    With English subtitles.  
    Let's call it control video, (V).
            Size = 20:13.
            June 10, 2017. It is still not censored out and not removed by 
            June 18, 2017. No longer can find it in vesti channel. Our guess is: 
                           NBC forced Vesti to remove it by "copyright reasons".
        Possibly clones of (V).
                June 10: ~17,000 views
                June 18, 2017. 

                Non-forged-interview-is-blocked -Screenshot-at-2017-06-18_4-18-08
                Removed from youtube. The poster suggests: NBC removed it by "copyright reasons".
                Looks like the same video as (V), but "Russia Insider" labels placed over it.
                June 10, 2017 Russia Insider put this link which apparently the same, 20:13 size video.
                June 18, 2017 this link is still alive. We guess, it is too hard for NBC to press "Insider".

    Apparently the same as (V) but no English subtitles.
        From Size 18:45.
            June 18, 2017. Still alive. Not blocked. 588,563 views

         From Russian Domestic TV-Channel Vesti 20 minute version of the interview.
         6 июня 201700:44 Интервью Владимира Путина телеканалу NBC. Полная версия.
                size 20:01

    Inessa S. work to fix the forgery. With English subtitles. This fix was differential and not full at days of publishing.
            June 18, 2017. 
                Is blocked by NBC on "copyright grounds". 182,746 views. Cannot see comments too any longer.

Forged videos of interview on NBCnews corporate site:
    June 6, 2017.
    June 16, 2017: Size: 11:08

Comments on forged interview: June 8: 836,364 views Comments: 5,967 June 10: 927,272 views Comments: 6,257 Size: 11:23 June 16: 1,026,439 views Comments: 6,712 June 18: 1,040,043 views. Inessa posted: "NBC blocked it" around 10 am CDT

Syrian President al-Assad’s interview with NBC News, July 14th, 2016
    NBC's Bill Neely speaks with President Bashar Al-Assad.
    This is non-interrupted video.

    This is NBC News version cut to pieces (still totally complete)
        Wed, Jul 13
        This interview was filmed by the Presidential press office of Bashar al-Assad.
        No editorial changes were made to the content.

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