Mathematical Language Used
Turning on and off track constrain for moving car or skater
Programmical Adding Physics Samples

Mathematical Language Used

Frenet–Serret Formulas and Curvature

Flat Motion

Programmical Adding Physics Samples

All Mechanical Systems (MS) are attached to Hill 1 which is dispalyed as default when
program starts. All other Hills are intact and may be visible as stars.
The code which is responsible to populating the Hills and the Planet is in Pop(ulation).java class.

To be able to add a new MS to population, programmer first must add or inherit class in package
MechanicalSystems, add code for solving related physical problem (possibly in CalculusMechanics package),
and instantiate this class by adding it to the

Programmer can set fixed and initial parameters of MS in class
Initial parameters can be modified by user from the screen.