Script2Script (S2S) Introductory Readme.
Revision 1.0.1123. December 9, 2007.


  Simple Usage
  Advanced Usage
  Components and Reliability
  Documentation and examples
  Freeware Restrictions
  License in plain English


  If this is first S2S installation on given computer, 
  please follow steps 1 and 2.

     1. Run setup.exe
     2. Run s2s and complete installation prompts.

  If you already have previous revisions of S2S on given computer and would
  like to install this revision additionally, then this can be done if
     a. install this revision to separate installation directory 
             (f.e. c:\Program Files\s2s21) when prompted,
     b. select different program group like Script2Script21
     c. dual revision setup was tested on Windows 95. They both coexisted
        smoothly and allowed separate uninstall of previous revision later.

To uninstall Script2Script:

     Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs may be used.
     The files and folders which have been created in 'application folder' manually,
     can be deleted manually after running Control Panel uninstaller.
     For example: folder Examples and file console.txt should be
     deleted manually.

Simple Usage

   S2S allows three-clicks-use from prebuilt projects:
   from S2S menu click:
           select one of the converters from folder Examples like
           asp2php, vb2asp, or other project,
           point to folder of file to be converted,
   Results will be in RESULT_FILES folder next to source.
   'Quick-steps-sections' of particular converter can be consulted also.

Advanced Usage ...  
   ... is for users who want to retune up particular converter, reset 
   converter settings, or write own converter using S2S as a framework.
   This user should consult Documentation and Examples.

S2s Software Package Components and Reliability

 S2s Software Package has two layers:

 Converters:                  vb2asp  asp2php  folder2html  db2text .... 
 GUI:          s2s.exe     -----------------------------------------------  
 Engine:                            Script2Script.dll

 The ground level, back-end, of all Converters is Script2Script.dll. 
 The upper level Converters are scripts, text files.  
 Additional module is s2s.exe, which is GUI to the Engine.

 As of March 2004, 
 Engine Revision is in use since   September 13, 2003, and
 previous has been released July       4, 2003. 

 Both updates were heavily used, and no significant unfixed bugs in Engine are known.
 Thus, Engine reliability should be well established.
 In addition, the Engine is much simplier in sintax and code then
 upper level scripts, so there is less space for errors.
 Upper level Converters are used inside the company, 'in-house'.
 This Converters, GUI, and entire Package Documentation are not well-edited for public release. 
Upper level Converters are independent on each other. Is in hands of programmers to improve them or pick up their ideas. S2s.exe does not affect reliability of the package when menu\Go option is used. When menu\Go option is used, - the role of s2s.exe is merely to give to Script2Script.dll the name of schema and source, and - then, Script2Script.dll reads from disk schema and source and processes them. Independence on physical location and "self-sufficience" of converters Vb2asp, asp2php, and some other converters contained in separate folders. To run this converters, their folders can be moved to any place on disk. This converters are "self-contained". In the same manner, s2s.exe and Script2Script.dll can be
(*) at any place on hard drive However, it is recommended to keep s2s-package structure as: Parent_Folder s2s.exe Script2Script.dll Examples Help vb2asp vb2asp_copy_pasted_modified_for_my_project asp2php ... Examples_copy_pasted_modified_for_another_my_projects ... This will preserve links between help files and readmes. The name of Parent_Folder has no importance (*). The taget folders or files to be converted can be at any place on the disk. User does not have to put source files under 'Parent_Folder' to make conversion. (*) It is assumed that Script2Script.dll registration in Windows Registry is kept correctly. Documentation and Examples. Subfolder Help of folder Examples contains documentation for S2S. This documentation was not proofread as a whole and may include drafts and unnoted discrepancies. Most tested Examples are: asp2php vb2asp folder2html list2preferences dBase2text Other examples may have more dicrepancies. There are no known bugs in Examples at time of this update. More complete S2S Introduction. For documentation on particular converter, consult corresponding project like asp2php or vb2asp. Script2Script.dll unregistered version has following restrictions: file size limit 15000 bytes, subfolder deepness limit = 3, files number in project limit = 3, nest deepness limit = 10, queue size limit = 15. If one of this limits is met, Script2Script always explains why it does not like to continue. If program mailfunctions without clear explanation, then please report this bug to contact email. As of today, S2S registration is free and can be done on-line. License for Interface and Examples. 'Script2Script Interface' Source Code and Examples including Documentation - Copyright (C) 2007 Konstantin Kirillov. - are provided without warranty of any kind - free for use, distribution, reproduction, and modification as whole or in part as long as following credit notice is retained on copies or derivative software products: Portions Script2Script Suite (C) 2007 Konstantin Kirillov. End of License. License in plain English for Script2Script.dll: Script2Script.dll - can be in personal or corportate use, - can be freely distributed with license but not sold, - cannot be reverse engineered, - program is provided without warranty of any kind. End of licens in plain English for Script2Script.dll. Complete License for Script2Script.dll is written at the end of this readme. Contact email: BeaverScript a t Please report bugs or ask questions to this address. We try our best to repspond. Thank you for using S2S. THE END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR Script2Script.dll IS PROVIDED BELOW Script2Script.dll IS NAMED HERE AS "SOFTWARE" THIS SOFTWARE IS COPYRIGHT (C) 2007 BY KONSTANTIN KIRILLOV, ITS AUTHOR. ONLY AUTHOR CAN SELL THIS SOFTWARE AND REGISTER IT TO AN END USER. BOTH REGISTERED AND NON-REGISTERED (FREEWARE) VERSIONS OF THIS SOFTWARE - ARE LICENSED TO THE END USER, - CAN BE IN PERSONAL OR COMMERCIAL USE, - CAN BE FREELY DISTRIBUTED TOGETHER WITH THIS LICENSE. REGISTREE CANNOT TRANSFER REGISTRATION KEY TO ANOTHER USER UNLESS REGISTREE COMPLETELY TRANSFERS REGISTERED VERSION TO ANOTHER USER AND NO LONGER USES THIS REGISTERED VERSION. THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. AUTHOR DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IN NO EVENT SHALL AUTHOR BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES WHATSOEVER INCLUDING DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, LOSS OF BUSINESS PROFITS OR SPECIAL DAMAGES, EVEN IF AUTHOR HAVE BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. USER AGREES TO HOLD AUTHOR HARMLESS FROM AND AGAINST ANY AND ALL CLAIMS, LOSSES, LIABILITIES AND EXPENSES.