Making widjets - inserting dialogs into HTML page. Step by Step experiments.

For code: HTML-source: try Ctrl+U and find reference to dialog.js like pages. Pick them up.

1 - creates dialog box, hides or shows it ... 

2 - add style and button to control ...
3 - attempt to make script widget-like: put all in one file and add a link to this file before </body> tag ...
                uses closure
                substep_eval uses eval()
7 - on load event inserted in HTML: two files used index.html and insertme.js.
                insertme.js injects into html. 
                AJAX began by creating the object.

8 - AJAX, small server terminal, status, message. insertme.js.
                We run this step from the Web server. Not from file system.

Copyright (c) 2010 Konstantin Kirillov.
License: MIT (X11).