W h y   n o    N D A s    o n    d r a f t s.

  We denote here: NDA - Non Disclosure Agreement.
  We denote here: NCA - Non Compete Agreement.

According to the spirit of US laws, the program made for hire must be erased
from programmer's hard drive. But what about preparatory material, student
study, or preparatory research and drafts?

Killing them is the same as destroying programmer's tools. How the worker can
work without the tools? But were can the boundary drawn between these
drafts and deliverables? Does removing one character makes delivery a draft? If so,
the NDA is a myth?

And are there really a programmers who do not have a temptation to keep up a
draft? Of preliminary version of the program? And not to use fragments of the
code in future job? Is this part of NDA not a myth?

And if honest employee really tries to draw a boundary what can be kept
and what must be destroyed, how much energy this employee spends to draw the boundary?

Long lived Open Source!  We no longer sign up NDAs on drafts.

We don't complain. We have been paid well. We patiently wait until last
signed NDA expiration date.

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